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Our Motor Control Product Basket

We are a power electronics product design and manufacturing company. Our flagship solutions includes motor control systems for an array of industries. The solutions are tailored to the customer needs, meeting global standards, environment friendly and cost competitive without compromising the quality. The solutions helps in energy saving and productivity improvement through optimization of production processes. It also improves the reliability of the system.

Our Motor Control Solutions are useful for the energy saving applications like pumps, fan, blowers to the complex applications requiring smooth start, dynamic performance and precise control.

About us

At Amtech, we have a proven expertise in customised motor control. Since 1987, we have designed and manufactured the highest and most accurate motor control solutions for an array of industries around the world. Our Variable Frequency Drives (also known as AC Drives) and customized motor control products provide critical performance for today’s demanding applications in markets requiring high precision and high throughput motor control solutions.


Single stop solution

Customized solutions

Customer focussed approach

Optimized solution under different environmental conditions

Highest quality commitment

Research and development edge

Green power technology products

Rich satisfied customer base


Customer Voice

This is to certify that Amtech Electronics (I) Ltd., Gandhinagar had Designed, Manufactured, Supplied & Commissioned Amtech make (Variable Frequency Drive) VFD, Model Axpert-Eazy, Axpert-Eazy+, and Axpert-Eazy mini, rating 10 HP, 415V class in different process applications like agitator, circulation pump, blower fan etc. We are pleased to add that Amtech make Drives are working satisfactory. We appreciate Team Amtech for their customized solution which is simple, cost effective, compatible and energy efficient. We have also found excellent and prompt after sales support tendered by CSD team of Amtech. We wish all the best for their future endeavor.


We would like to certify that M/s Amtech Electronics (I) Ltd., Gandhinagar has supplied & Commissioned 315 kW VFD panel with Axpert-Eazy+ Model, 02 Nos. and 110 kW Axpert-Eazy+ VFD for ID Fan & Mix Juice Pump respectively at our Muzaffarnagar unit since 2018. We are satisfied with the performance, quality and reliability of the VFD. The system is running satisfactory. After sales service provided by Amtech team is excellent. Amtech team is very supportive and technically competent. They have provided good services as and when required. We wish to complement Amtech for the professional handling & wish to continue our relation based on quality and trust. We are please to recommend VFD from Amtech.


This is to certify that as a part of energy saving activity, we have installed LV VFD supplied by Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd. for Fan & Pump application, The scope work includes design, engineering, manufacturing, supply and installation of 9 Nos. LV VFD (132 kW to 355 kW). After installing the LV VFD, the power consumption has come down and all VFDs are running satisfactory since last 6 years. We are very much satisfied with the performance of LV VFD supplied by M/s. Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd, Their service response is also appreciable. We also highly appreciate for their prompt technical as wel as service support, We certainly look forward to work with M/s. Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd. in our future projects for energy saving and smooth operation of the system.


This is to certify that M/s Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd., Gandhinagar has supplied us VFDs from 160 kW to 315 kW in MCC1 panel and MCC2 panel on applications like ID Fan, FD Fan, Feed Pump, Crusher etc. The systems are performing up to the satisfactory level since their installation. We also appreciate the quality of spare parts and after sales service.


Performance certificate for AC Regenerative VFD Sugar Centrifuge Control Panel installed on 1750 kg Batch Type Sugar Centrifuge Machine. Amtech Electronics Ltd., Gandhinagar has supplied & commissioned their AC regenerative VED panel with complete sugar centrifuge process automation on one of our ‘Thysen Krupp make 1750 kg batch type sugar centrifugal machine on trial basis during the crushing season 2020-2021. Afer successful installation & commissioning of the drive panel, the machine was put in operation on 30th January 2021. From 30th January 2021, till the end of crushing season the operation of the machine with newly installed control panel was found satisfactory and trouble free. During entire running period of machine our observations are as follows. “The average process cycle rate is 20 to 22 cycles per hour, Parameter setting through touch HMI & current process activity indications through graphics found to be user friendly. It was observed that during the time of accidental power failure, machine was easily put back in operation without any power component failure. Technical support from the service engineers of M/s. Amtech Electronics Lid., was satisfactory during entire running period of machine”.


Frequently asked questions

In which cases the energy saving is possible with the help of Variable Frequency Drive?

The energy saving is possible and is of significance only in the following case:
  • The Variable Frequency Drive is used for operating variable torque load like fans, blowers and pumps.
  • It is possible only if the fans, blowers and pumps are working at their partial capacity and not at full capacities.
  • It is of significance if Variable Frequency Drive is operating high power load i.e. beyond 20 HP, at low power loads like 1...20 HP the energy consumption is already less and is of less significance.
  • The energy is significant only if the connecting equipment works for considerable operating hours in a year.
  • Energy is one of the most rare resource and variable frequency drive play a major role in energy conservation. You can save energy with VFD when you want to save power coming from regenerative loads.
  • The pressure drop created because of low RPM operation of fans, blowers and pumps should be tolerable to the system.
  • designing and manufacturing world class Power Electronics products. Amtech has world class industrial grade Variable Frequency Drives and is located in Gujarat, India
  • There are very few electronics company who manufacture VFD in India. Variable frequency drive is also known as Adjustable Speed Drive.